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People make the difference

We believe that the success of companies is determined by the people that work there. People make the difference. Successful organisations distinguish themselves by gaining access to talent, developing that talent and connecting it to their organisation.

ORMIT makes people and organisations successfull by finding young top talents, developing them into young leaders and connecting them to businesses. Our talents are passionate, result-driven, people-oriented and flexible. They understand today's challenges and have the capacity to inspire people.  They all participate in an ORMIT traineeship where they are nurtured to realise their full potential. We do this by building an ecosystem where the young leaders of tomorrow can work with interesting companies on exciting projects while working on their personal development with ORMIT.

Born from business needs

ORMIT was created in the late nineties by a number of successful major companies. They all experienced the same difficulty: a need to spot leadership in young people that don’t even know what they want to do with their careers yet. And they figured it would be best to give these talents plenty of everything: hands-on experience in different companies topped with intensive training and coaching to discover their strengths and realise their full potential. 

Today we are an independent company with offices in Brussels and De Bilt (NL). Our 200 driven and committed employees work along with our partner organisations to realise the ambitions of people and organisations. We believe that enthusiastic employees enjoy their work and deliver the best results – which is why we aim to be a great employer. And as we develop talent and future leaders, we feel we should set the example. The result is a top position in various employer surveys. It's a result we are proud of and we'd like to keep it that way!

Personal leadership is our passion

The development of leadership within organisations fascinates us, as well as what the millennials are thinking about it and how they fit into the leadership style of today!  We want to share our passion with you, so read all about it in our publications.

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Grown through networks

We want to continiously grow as a company and improve our ORMIT concept. Therefore we regulary meet up with our stakeholders and involve them in the organisation. We value the opinions of our networks, so we regularly ask them what they feel we are doing well and where improvements can be made. 

Participating companies

Participating companies are organisations we've been working with for years. It's a collaboration that is more than just a client-supplier relationship. We often exchange great ideas and insights. This makes the network unique and valued. ORMIT trainees carry out projects within the network of participating companies and, on completion of the development programme, join one of the companies. This ensures that the knowledge and experience that has been acquired gets shared. 

Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors consists of great leaders that keep us informed about the challenges and needs of companies in different industries. 

Alumni Network

Our Alumni network is an ever-growing group of professionals-turned-into-leaders that have experienced our traineeships first-hand. We love to keep in touch with them as we love their input and insights. But wel also keep on encouraging them to develop themselves. Our Alumni network consists out of 1200 members in the Netherlands and 400 members in Belgium.

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