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Having access to talent is the key asset for any organisation that wants to make a difference in this rapidly changing world. It is driven talent with the power to achieve results, endless energy and the intention to continuously grow and develop themselves, that will help your company keep up with the relentless pace of our world today.

At ORMIT, we track down young leadership talent, and we nourish it. We inject it with everything that is needed to make it flourish: training, coaching, guidance, learning from peers,... topped of with great assignments at companies like yours.

The result is talent turned into leadership.


Work with great young talents

Talented young people are our base material. Just like a brewer can’t make tasty beer without malts and hops of the finest quality, we need to work with top-shelf talent.

That’s why our first priority is to find these people to work with us. They may be young graduates, first-jobbers or even a little more experienced workers. The main point is that they have loads of talent waiting to be nourished.

We call these talents ORMIT'ers. ORMIT'ers are driven and result-oriented, have a strong academic record, understand today's challenges, know how to make things happen and have the capacity to inspire others. Our talents are able to connect people and knowledge, both within and outside your organisation. And this is why they are able to make a difference, whatever the setting is. 

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Young talent comes to us. ORMIT is known for its great traineeships and unrivalled personal development. We help young talent discover their strengths and realise their full potential. We are also rewarded as a great place to work and we have a network of enthusiastic alumni-ambassadors that constantly spread the word.

Our strict selection process allows us to select only the most talented guys and girls of every generation. Only 4% of the people who apply are actually hired by ORMIT.

The ORMIT development programmes make sure that these talents get the best out of themselves and develop their personal leadership and full potential.

ORMIT Traineeships

We challenge our future leaders through unique two year development programmes. Learning is done on-the-job through challenging missions at one or more companies. Our focus on personal leadership combined with a unique training track, personal coaching by experienced mentors and co-learning with colleagues ensure our ORMIT'ers grow at a fast pace on both a professional and personal level. After finishing their traineeship, our ORMIT'ers can be hired free of charge.  

Talents for your projects

Multicompany Programme

If your projects need talented young people, our ORMIT'ers are ready. They will bring a huge level of drive and endless energy to your projects and deliver it to a succesful end. They support or manage your change, innovation and transversal projects or take up a temporary position in one of your teams.
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Tailormade Traineeship

Incompany Programme

We can be your partner in setting up a traineeship within your organisation. Are you looking for a specific track, aimed at specific profiles, destined for a specific future? We combine our recruitment and selection process with your projects and our development programme, and design an interesting track for talented young people.
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Veronik Bongaerts on ORMIT'ers

Veronik Bongaerts, Head of Reward at BNP Paribas Fortis, joined the bank after her ORMIT traineeship. Convinced by the ORMIT concept and the quality of the ORMIT profiles, she now on her turn works with ORMIT'ers in her team. 

ORMIT works with:


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Do you want more information? Contact Koen De Boodt.

Koen is Business Development Director and happy to answer all your questions. 

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Responsive Layout

Of course we haven’t forgotten about the responsive layout. Create a website with full mobile support.