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A network of 1500 ORMIT’ers in leadership positions.

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Our Alumni network is an ever-growing group of professionals-turned-into-leaders that have experienced our traineeships first-hand. Our Alumni network consists out of 1200 members in the Netherlands and 300 members in Belgium.


Alumni Gallery

It’s ORMIT mission to help talent turn its promises into deliverables. We try to inspire our trainees, challenge them, make them grow and gradually transform their talent into leadership. There are currently around 300 trainees that followed an ORMIT traineeship in Belgium and they now represent various professions, trades and industries.

We are very proud of the unique personalities of our Alumni and of what they achieved during and after their ORMIT period. This is why we decided to put our Alumni in the spotlight by creating an ORMIT Alumni Gallery.

Our Alumni Gallery can be found on our website and in our offices. It displays about ten Alumni and will constantly evolve to represent all our Alumni who continue to bring forward ORMIT values and keep on inspiring us.

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