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You are talented. You successfully finished your studies and achieved other great things along the way.  A great future really is within your reach. But that only increases the pressure. Because how do you get your hands on it? (hint: we know). 

The truth is this: you may indeed be a talented hot-shot, but you’re no leader yet. You don’t even know for sure just where your greatest potential lies, let alone what you should definitely change and improve before you can actually turn your talent into leadership skills. That’s where we come in.  


More than just a traineeship

All companies have traineeships. Traineeships are great. They kickstart your career, immerse you in the real corporate world, let you experience different environments and help you build a vast network. These are all brilliant reasons to embark on one. But there’s one more at ORMIT. And it’s a crucial one: our traineeships propel you from a young professional to a future leader. And that’s precisely where we stand out.

Our core business is developing talent into leadership. So on top of the challenging assignments and different environments, you get to enjoy an award-winning personal development programme to develop your leadership skills.

A unique personal development programme

We sometimes claim that we can catapult your career ten years into the future. Our secret? A unique traineeship recipe that is focused on developing your personal leadership. In short, we bombard you with four types of growth-fuel:

A series of top projects – We offer you challenging projects at top companies and let you do your thing. We take great care in selecting those projects that will take you far out of your comfort zone.

A state-of-the-art training trajectory – We put you in some of the greatest trainings, workshops and e-learnings. They are all aimed at developing leadership skills. And they never end with just the theory.

A personal TDM – TDM means Talent Development Manager. She (or he) will be the most important person in your near future. Through coaching, feedback, reflection and a series of other learning techniques you gradually get to grasp your real potential. And from then on, there’s no stopping you anymore ...

Co-learning with peers – It’s amazing what you can learn from your peers. They’ll tell you how you come across, what effect you have on others, ... Very confronting. But indispensable if you really want to grow.

More than image

We prepared some high-quality photos, that you can use in your projects. When you have to show your application or website on iPhone, iPad or Macbook you can use these images.

But ... who is ORMIT?

Great question. We’re not the company where you’ll do your actual work. That will take place at our client’s. But we are your employer and your home for the next two years. You’ll come here to work on your leadership skills and follow the development programme.

Once an ORMIT’er, always an ORMIT’er

At ORMIT, you’ll often find yourself surrounded by the inspiring youngsters that have started their track together with you. You’ll grow together, learn together and will probably end up spending your free time together too – long after the traineeship has ended. We’ve seen it happen over and over again. 

Inspiring talent with the ambition and passion to make organisations succesful,
noun, leader (m/f)
plural: ORMIT’ers
Video Tutorials
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Multi-company Programme 
The ORMIT Multicompany programme is a management traineeship that takes place at several companies. You will get to experience different roles in different companies.

MCPMulti-Company traineeship. Develop your talents and leadership skills in different companies.

MCP B&ITBusiness and IT traineeship. Develop your talents and leadership skills at the crossroads of Business and IT.

Incompany Programme 

An Incompany Programme is a tailor made traineeship for one customer. You will work on different assignments in various departments within one company.

Customer Journey TrackInnovation traineeship in collaboration with ING. Develop your leadership potential while working on innovative projects to improve the experience of ING's customers.

Business Consultant Track Talent Programme for experienced profiles in collaboration with ING. Develop your leadership skills while working as a Business Consultant at ING.

Finance LeadersFinance and Innovation Traineeship in collaboration with BNP Paribas Fortis. Get to know the world of Corporate Banking and discover which role suits you best. 



An ORMIT Traineeship means:

  • Challenging projects at great companies
  • Different work environments to discover what suits you best
  • A brilliant personal development plan to develop your leadership skills
  • Co-learning and support from inspiring fellow-trainees
  • Your own coach for two years
  • A great network of future employers 
  • The chance to work at a ‘Great Place to Work’

Veronik Bongaert started her career at ORMIT

Veronik Bongaerts, Head of Reward at BNP Paribas Fortis, started her career at ORMIT. Watch her story!

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Of course we haven’t forgotten about the responsive layout. Create a website with full mobile support.