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Branding, communication and quality
How do you think a company or brand should be perceived and presented? BCQ is where you’ll develop and execute a communication strategy based on your insights. You embrace digital communication options and at the same time, you make sure all internal and external communications build coherence, reputation and our brand itself. 
What you’ll be doing
BCQ is in charge of all external & internal communication, press relations, sponsoring and events. You’ll help to develop and deliver communication and communication channels that present, sustain and reinforce our brand. 
Your challenge
You analyse communicative materials to establish where they can be digitised. You make the appropriate evolutions and delve into analytic data to establish the ROI. 
Your projects

You’ll be working on three projects. Two of these will be in branding, communication and quality, with the third giving you opportunity to put your skills to the test in an entirely different capacity. 

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