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Data department
In a data-driven future, big data is big news. Everyone is talking about it and the possibilities it offers. Especially in banking. By taking an agile, process-minded approach, you’ll find out exactly what big data has to say and to offer. Are you ready for the challenge? It’s time to knock on our door at ORMIT!
What you’ll be doing
You’ll manage, regulate, govern, use and monetise data. At the same time, you’ll be establishing approaches for the future: this department is in the start-up stages, but is sure to become a strategic part of the bank.  
Your challenge
You’ll be establishing the position of the department while providing insights needed by your colleagues from other departments around the bank. 
Your projects

You’ll have three projects. While two of these will be in the data department, the third will put your skills to the test in an entirely different capacity. 

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You have our full attention. This is your opportunity to show us you have what it takes. Sign up today.