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HR Advisor

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Your responsibilities

As HR Advisor, you report directly to the Managing Director. The position is characterised by a variety of roles involved:

Selection Expert

  • You define the selection profile in collaboration with the client and you set up the appropriate selection process.
  • You stimulate the quality of our selection processes by training new staff members in interviewing and assessment techniques.
  • You participate in the selection process: conducting interviews, participating to assessment days as assessor and lead assessor and writing assessment reports.
  • This is the most important part of your role.
HR Legal and Compensation & Benefits advisor
  • You are in charge of the HR legal compliance of ORMIT.
  • You analyse and recommend changes in our rewards systems and policies. You implement those changes.
Recruitment Staff
  • You participate in Campus recruitment activities (job fairs) and give workshops to students (sometimes in the evening) when needed, in accordance with the Recruitment Manager.
Internal Communication officer
  • You ensure that communication regarding organisational changes, business accomplishments, internal projects and procedures are communicated in an adequate way through various channels.
  • You organise internal events and prepare presentations for the Managing Director. 
  • You advise and inspire others on how to effectively communicate.
As a staff member of ORMIT, we also expect your involvement in various HR projects and your participation in general ORMIT (evening) activities.

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Your profile

  • You hold a Master’s degree or equivalent through work experience.
  • You are native in French and fluent in Dutch and English. 
  • You already have experience in various (in depth) selection techniques (interviewing, testing, applying assessment methods and competence models...).
  • You have a basic knowledge of Belgian social laws.
  • You show empathy and demonstrate listening skills. You are passionate about people.
  • You enjoy working in a team and continuously want to strive for professional excellence.
  • You enjoy working in a team and continuously want to strive for professional excellence.

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