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Meet & Greet

Meet us and learn more about what working at ORMIT is about.

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Blocks fixed to 12 Grid system. It allows you to find understanding between the designer and developer.

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How wonderful. Another company organising an event to talk about their job opportunities.  We're hardly original, we know.

Yet, we like to think that we're a bit different. We should be, right? You've probably never heard of us before, and here we are, thinking we can make you come to our meet & greet.

Why? We will not overload you with a long and boring corporate presentation, we will just serve some drinks, have a chat and give you the opportunity to ask all your questions in an informal setting. Some of our ORMIT'ers will also be present, they can for sure tell you the thruth about working at ORMIT.


But ... who is ORMIT? 

Are you recently graduated or about to graduate and looking what to do next? Or do you have a first work experience that turned out not to be what you wanted? No worries. ORMIT helps you to kickstart your career and prepares you to become a future leader!

ORMIT is specialised in traineeships to transform young talents into future leaders.
We know, all companies have traineeships. Again not original. But we believe that our traineeships stand out.

At ORMIT, next to the challenging assignments and different environments you will find everywhere, you get to enjoy an award-winning personal development programme to develop your leadership skills. Full of great training, coaching by professionals and eye-opening co-learning with your peers. It will help you discover your real strengths and uncover how you can use them to make a big difference. Strong foundations for a life-changing career.

Do you have what it takes to be an ORMIT'er?

  • Are you enthusiastic? Do you have the ambition to make a real difference as manager? Do you want to invest in your personal development?
  • Are you a master student with 0-3 years of experience?
  • Are you native in Dutch or French with a good understanding of the second language and fluent in English?
All boxes checked? Then come and join us! 

Some Practical Information

  • The Meet & Greet will take place on 3 October 2017 between18:00 to 21:00.
  • We will meet at le Grand Central at Belliardstreet 190 – 1040 Brussels.


Join our Meet & Greet!

  • Experiencing problems with the form? Send us an email on

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Use samples as-is or with new blocks from a UI Kit

Working at ORMIT

To get started, you select the desired sample and base the entire website on it. It’s that simple!


Each of these beautiful samples you can use as-is or with new blocks from a UI Kit to make your site.

User Guide

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