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Digitisation – more than focusing on customers

Blog by Jeanine van der Lee, Strategic Account Manager at ORMIT

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About the author

By:  Jeanine van der Lee
Strategic Account Manager at ORMIT
Date: 2 July 2015

Aren’t you happy to have the opportunity to carry out all kinds of business anytime, anywhere? Undoubtedly, you run your banking operations online, but what else do you do with your Smartphone or your tablet? What would you like to be able to do more of? Which services do you find satisfying and what do you think should be improved?

Digitisation requires a different mindset

Technology makes it possible to respond to clients’ demands through providing the right services 24/7. However, for many companies, this means addressing a huge challenge.

It requires changing the mindset of organisations and thereby the mindset of their staff. More than ever it is essential to focus on the customer and start from there to analyse the different services provided by the organisation: which services is the customer looking for, in what ways and for which support (on and offline)? In addition, it also requires companies to change their working methods; development goes extremely fast and therefore long-term plans are not appropriate, while flexibility and entrepreneurship are essential. Yet, 70% of organisations wish to work with small multidisciplinary and agile teams.

A different customer relationship

Relationships with customers also need to be modified. It is essential to maintain and reinforce this relationship with your customer, online and offline. Technology provides many possibilities, but people remain the key to success thanks to their empathy, passion and creativity, through which they can provide innovative services; services which will surprise the customer. This will indeed create a relationship with the client. Think about it: which company do you feel connected to and why? And what does this mean?

Many companies are now dedicating themselves to this customer relationship. Think about KLM: they offer mobile services for flight bookings, modifications, etc., and they use Facebook deliberately to maintain the relationship with their customers and to increase their visibility. Think about Albert Heijn: they offer a personalised Bonus to their customers. Think about CoolBlue: you can call them when you encounter a problem and they have all data ready immediately. This makes customers feel important and it creates a sense of implication.

The right talent is key

All those modifications imply that companies need people with special skills; skilled people who will oversee complexity and understand effectively the customer so as to react to the opportunities. They will need proactive and entrepreneurial talented people who are also result-oriented and people-oriented, and who will assist the intern staff into those changes. ORMIT does provide such talented people.

Experience has proved how essential the inflow of young talented people is in order to look at services and customer relationships from another point of view. Many companies are inclined to think along the line of existing services and to improve existing businesses. In these modern times especially, it is important to promote critical evaluation of developments and customer demands and to keep watching your own services if you want to stand out permanently. The right talent is the key to permanent success.