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How to build a successful career?

Blog by Luc Vermeulen, Talent Development Manager at ORMIT

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About the author


By: Luc Vermeulen
Talent Development Manager at ORMIT
Date:  9 July 2015

What job would fit me?

At the start of their career, most young people don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do as a professional. ‘Where shall I start?’ ‘What kind of job shall I do?’ are some of the most frequent questions young and eager newcomers on the job market ask themselves.

The answer to these questions changed over the last couple of years. Employers can’t (and often won’t) guaranty a job for life anymore. Luckily, most young people realise this and aren’t looking for a job that will last them a lifetime. They rather focus on a successful career path instead of on a single job.

Giving direction to your career

The key to give direction to your career is discovering your strengths, forces and pitfalls in addition to what motivates you. Having a clear insight in these things will help you to make the difference and to develop a satisfying career.

However knowing what you want doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get it. You also need the right attitude to develop a career that fits your values and motivation.

4 key attitudes for getting the career you want

To shape your career you also need to develop 4 attitudes:

1. Open-mindedness: be open for new experiences and new learning opportunities. These enable you to develop yourself throughout your career and to grow constantly. Meeting new people, trying out new working methods… they all help you in your personal development.

2. Taking initiative: don’t wait until a new job opportunity comes along but actively go and look for them. They can be hidden in plain sight or can be discovered in the most unexpected corner. We have to adapt our performances and ways of learning to discover those opportunities and act upon them.

3. Sense of purpose: one has to be aware of what really drives him/her to be able to know what gives or costs them energy. We need a sense of purpose, a direction. Without this inner compass, we are adrift. Knowing what truly motivates us helps us to make the right career choices.

4. Physical mobility: are we prepared to adventure ourselves in the unknown and initiate relationships outside the boundaries that we know. Developing this means we learn to broaden our horizons outside our own department, company or sector for new opportunities. Even geographical boundaries will not keep us from taking a strategic decision for our career.

Career coaching at ORMIT

In order to build a successful career gaining insights in yourself and having the right development attitude is key. This is what we do at ORMIT. We support people in discovering and applying their unique talents.

Our development programmes are focused on discovering and developing people’s strengths and pitfalls. Our Talent Development Managers give our trainees career guidance during several career coaching sessions. During these sessions we help them in getting a clearer view on what motivates them and on their work values. At the same time, it gives them an idea of the attitudes that need to be developed to find the job that fits these values.