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Learn, recycle and re-create!

Blog by Eva Vercouteren

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About the author

By:  Eva Vercouteren, former MCP Trainee who just finished her traineeship at ORMIT
Date: 24 August 2017

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Many expectations when starting at ORMIT. Different projects in several companies, an overwhelming amount of new things to learn and foremost, finally a clear career path towards the future after the 26-months traineeship.


First learn & recycle

At school or university, we are taught to study a course and reproduce it on paper. What’s more, we only need to be able to know this content during the timeframe of a year. You can ask yourself what the added value of school is. It wasn’t clear to me until now. For me the purpose of university is learning how to study. Learning how to process large amounts of content coming at you.

During the first year at ORMIT, this capability is much needed. You are indulged with knowledge on soft-skills; which soft-skills exist, how do you fit in, which behavior are you allergic to and how do you deal with it, the examples are ample. If you know how to process information, most answers aren’t too difficult. You follow the theory, apply it to the situation and more or less know how to handle it.

However, for some situations you don’t get the ready-to-use tools. You have to work with them, massage them, before you can start using them. This requires you to think because you can’t mindlessly copy-paste everything that is given to you. It forces you to recycle the information you get into something relevant to you and the situation. ORMIT taught me how to recycle.

Then re-create

Where your knowledge on soft-skills is boosted during the first year at ORMIT, the second year is rather focused on your future. Who are you, what gives you energy, which management style makes you flourish and then that determining question: What do you want to do after ORMIT?

Honestly, this is what my future looked like: blank. This enormous weight fell over me when thinking about ‘the future’. No university to give the answer in a course book. Nor an ORMIT to provide almost-ready-to-use tools. Instead many expectations that are unconsciously opposed upon us by our family, friends or managers. Their career path is the only one we know and therefore our example towards our future. Looking at what we know and trying to copy it, is that how to do it?

"Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of wishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling for more than it's worth."
M. Schmich

Take a look to our amazing Kit

We must open our eyes and listen to the advice given to us by our previous generation. And then we must recycle. Because things change, times change. As learned at ORMIT we can’t mindlessly copy-paste everything that is given to us. Neither can it be expected from us. This realization has taken away the heavy burden of my Future Decision. I will recycle the acquired knowledge and the advice handed to me and re-create it into a decision of my own.

When having built my own experiences, I will probably give advice to the next generation too and I won’t expect them to buy it. Instead, they should take my truth and re-shape it, just like I did.

Now, all there is to do is to be greedy for knowledge, recycle it and re-create. Have fun!