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My view on the ORMIT traineeship: from talent to leadership

Blog by Thomas Vanhoutte, Digital Management Trainee

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About the author

By: Thomas Vanhoutte
Date: 2 November 2016
Digital trainee at ORMIT & BNP Paribas Fortis

How do you go from talent to leadership? Thomas elaborates on his theory

A traineeship at ORMIT means a challenging job with multiple assignments, in a leading organisation and with fun colleagues. In my case, I work on 3 assignments at BNP Paribas Fortis, the biggest bank in Belgium, during a period of 18 months with over 40 other fellow ORMIT’ers.

However, that’s not all. A traineeship at ORMIT is a true adventure where you gain critical insights about yourself. If there is one thing you should know about ORMIT, it is that ORMIT is a people-centric company. During a traineeship, ORMIT, bit by bit, transforms talent into real leadership. How? Thanks to coaching sessions with your personal Talent Development Manager, peer-to-peer learning via your pool of trainees, on-the-job learning and specialised training sessions.

But going from a talent to a leader, what does that look like? What is the true result after completing a traineeship? This process is hard to capture and even harder to explain with just words; you have to experience it yourself. In this blogpost, I want to try my best to explain this process to you – not by words but with some simple drawings.


Talent is just… talent

It’s quite a static material; a fuel. I drew some dots that represent talent: one dot can indicate for example a diploma, a characteristic or knowledge about a certain topic. At the other side, we have leadership. Leadership is nothing more than connecting the dots. And that’s exactly what is happening during an ORMIT traineeship; step by step, the trainee starts to connect the dots. The lines represent key moments in a trainee’s career. For example, a trainee learns a great deal about themselves and how to act in certain situations: a line is drawn; a trainee applies their knowledge to solve complex assignments: another line is drawn. During a traineeship, more and more lines are drawn and more dots are connected until there is a complex web: a true leader is developed.

“A singer may have a great voice (=talent), but without the right entourage, that singer may never reach the top. The same applies for people: a person may be truly talented, but without the adequate environment, that person could possibly never develop real leadership in his/her career.”