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So long everyone!

Blog by Lennert Vierendeels, Management Trainee at ORMIT

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About the author

By:  Lennert Vierendeels
Management Trainee at ORMIT
Date:  9 July 2015


26 months…you would think 2 years is quite a long time. Well, apparently it isn’t. The past 26 months have really flown by, as if being in the most amazing cockpit of one of the fastest airplanes in the world, the SR-71 blackbird.

ORMIT indeed felt a bit like being in the cockpit of an airplane for the first time. I was shown that you are the one that should take control. I was shown during the trainings that in life, both professional and private, there are many many different switches and buttons with which you can play, and that it’s worth playing with them. I was shown that traffic controllers who show you the right path are indeed out there, willing to guide and support you. And just as with an aeroplane, you can reach any destination, as long as you follow the correct course.

For me, ORMIT has been quite an eye-opener. It made me realize how important it is to challenge yourself and follow your dreams, in stead of taking the easy way out and regardless of the risks or comments of others. Follow your heart, aim high and you’ll be just fine.

Furthermore, I could never have imagined how important it is to have the right people surrounding you at work. Fun people, but also people with a vision and a helpful and encouraging open mind.

So, what’s next for me?

I personally always dreamt of being someone that would help shape the future. ORMIT made me realize that I should follow my dreams, and so my next adventure will take me right at the heart of where the future is made: the robotics department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I will assist the VUB with the valorization of their research in the field of robotics and I will help launching new spin-offs that use the Technologies developed at the university. Exciting times are coming!

This said, there’s only one thing for me left to do: thank everyone that made this 26 month adventure such a joy. ORMIT is truly a unique company with one of a kind people. Thank you all for being so much fun and interesting at the same time.

All the best to all of you.

I’m out,