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Managers need to pay more attention to personal development 

June 2017 - Trends Research on ORMIT Millenials 

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Managers who pay attention to the personal development of their staff can count on higher motivated and better qualified team members.

The large majority (93%) of the ORMIT trainees in the Netherlands and Belgium is convinced of this. Certainly with an eye on the longer term, the managers definitely benefit from this approach, according to the latest trend research by ORMIT, the specialist in traineeships. Nearly 7 percent disagrees, because it gets lost in the day-to-day practice and does not have priority.


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Key to development

Employees who get better in their jobs and take more pleasure in working for their manager. These are the demonstrable effects of more attention for personal development. It is even the key to enable the development of the employees’ talents. Not a luxury in a fast-changing world.

On top of your game

But the subject is not clear-cut black or white, according to the millennials’ opinion. Manager and employee must complement each other. If you want to grow, as a person and as a professional, you can never do that completely on your own, say the millennials. It is the supervisor who can offer you the possibilities, who can coach you and help you realize your personal goals. In short: the focus on personal development helps employees to come to full stature and at the same time, sets them an additional challenge. “Personal development enables you to make a better version of yourself.” “It is the way to keep employees motivated. Furthermore, it reinforces their commitment and guarantees they keep up with all new insights and ideas. This way, you stay on top of your game.”

Value visible in the long term

“Managers often prioritize content and results over personal development. I understand this on the short-term but on the long-term, manager have to support the development of their employees. Often it is a time issue. An employee usually has only 30 minutes a week with its manager. It is tempting to use this time for a content discussion that is blocking your work progress. However, in this way there is never priority for personal development. Still, personal development is directly linked to what the manager expects from his employee. “It means improving future performance - which should be the goal of the manager – and better well-being (since you would feel better). When you feel better you will be more performant as well.” 

“Personal development enables you to make a better version of yourself.” 

Better team performances

Personal development also pays off in better team performance and a higher added value. “If team members know their own strengths and pitfalls better, they will be more conscious when working together and as a team, the efficiency will go up and the results will improve. A process of development gives people the space to grow, causing the work attitude and the output to improve automatically.” The ideal situation entails a development plan for the team as well as for the individual team members. However, not every colleague will be interested in further development.

Daily routine takes over

Millennials who disagree with the thesis think that personal development is far from being a priority. All attention is focused on a good working environment, realizing targets and dos & don’ts in the job. Development or ambitions get lost in the daily routine or hectic. “And then there is no time left to even consider to develop yourself personally in a professional environment.” Others say that it is the employee’s own responsibility: “You have to make your personal development happen yourself.”
But the majority is certain: “You are never too old, too skilled or too experienced to focus on your personal development.” In the words of Lao Tzu: Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.

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