Data Chiefs Traineeship

So many possibilities in data, discover yours!

  • New
  • Graduates
  • Experienced profiles
  • Belgium
  • Discover your match in the field of data
  • In a unique program combining people and data skills development
  • Start your journey with an intensive data bootcamp
  • Followed by data projects in one or more companies
  • Supported in the field by senior data experts
  • While also improving your people skills
  • With a community of young data professionals

Passionate about data?

Today’s world is powered by data. Investing in Data Analytics, Data Science and AI is a requirement for companies to stay relevant. The field of data will continue to evolve over the next decade and since it shows no signs of slowing down, it’s the perfect time to enter the field. A first work experience under your belt? Great! Just finished school? No worries. As long as you are passionate about data and are eager to discover more, you are good to go!


But not yet clear where you want to end up?

We'll discover it with you. We will kick-off your journey with an intensive data bootcamp, the perfect foundation for the rest of your traineeship. With all these skills in your bag, you'll be able to work on different assignments in data analytics, data management, data processing, data project management, business analytics,... in one or more companies. A great way to discover the world of data and find the job/role/company that best suits you!


Data Chiefs Traineeship

We believe that the combination of data skills and people skills is a killer combo to be truly successful in the field of data. And that’s what makes this program unique. We will make you grow on both levels. With plenty of training, coaching, expert advice,… Our ultimate dream is to develop the next generation of Chief Data Officers.. Hence the name ;-)


Are you a pioneer?

We just launched this Data Chiefs Traineeship and we are still building it as we speak. We already set up a framework but we’d love to involve you for the finetuning of this program and add some personal touches. Are you ready to get on board and build it together with us?


We won't let you start without a proper introduction: during our bootcamp you'll be equipped with the necessary foundation to succeed in different data functions. You will learn how data, programming languages (Python, SQL, R, …), visualization tools (power BI, Tableau, …) are used in the business. And we will also focus on your (personal) leadership and people skills.

Continuous learning

But learning won't stop after this bootcamp: throughout the program you'll have multiple trainings in both hard and people skills. Some are determined by us, some will be your own choice and based on your needs during your assignments.

Challenging projects

You'll work in data an­a­lyt­ics, data man­age­ment, data pro­cess­ing, business analytics, project management,... but you’ll never be alone: you’ll have a senior data coach to help you with these data challenges.

These projects will take place in one or more multinationals, different sectors, departments,... During your assignments you'll work in different data roles such as data analyst, data translator, business analyst, junior data scientist,... You will also continue to develop yourself towards becoming a future proof data professional based on your experiences, background and preferences.



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Jeremy's journey as a Data Chief

During my 1st project, I worked on a machine learning algorithm in Python that was used to estimate the price of used cars based on company and web data. The estimates were displayed in a Power BI dashboard, used by pricing managers, along with other useful information to set a price on the vehicles. It was an ideal introduction to different data tasks. 

My 2nd project was in a business intelligence department, in a data scientist role. I estimated the probabilities of defaults of electrical components on Brussels' electricity network and was involved in day-to-day maintenance of the company's data warehouse. This project taught me a lot about professional data management. 

Both these experiences came together in my 3rd project where I've been working on the development of a data warehouse from the start. As a business intelligence analyst, I was responsible of understanding the needs of the different departments, looking for the right metrics and data to answer them. Based on these analyses, I have been prototyping the dimensional model and ETL process to integrate the company's data in its data warehouse. 

Besides these projects, ORMIT really helped me in knowing myself better through its trainings and coaching. It helped me to identify my social needs, strengths and weaknesses, which resulted in gaining confidence and having a better influence on the projects I've worked on. It also gave me an experience in very different work environments, giving me precious insights on which environment fits me better and why. 

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What do we expect from you?

  • A passion for data is a big must (you don't need to be an expert in data already, we’ll further invest in you)
  • Master’s degree (such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Business Engineering, Applied Economics or equivalent by experience) and a maximum of 2 years working experience.
  • You’re fluent in Dutch or French (native) and English

What can you expect from us?

  • A data bootcamp to get the right foundation right from the start.
  • A more in-depth training program once you've started working on assignments, to uplift both your hard and soft skills, according to your evolution.
  • A senior data expert, who will give you support during your assignments.
  • A coach, who will focus on your personal development & people skills
  • Competitive compensation, benefits, company car and more
  • A community of young professionals who empower each other (and also love to have a lot of fun)
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