Multicompany Management Traineeship

Interested in this traineeship? You’re welcome to apply! However due to the uncertain times brought forth by COVID-19 times we have decided to put the hiring for the Multicompany traineeship temporary on hold. We have great hopes to relaunch the traineeship during the course of summer! Don't hesitate to already apply and send us your cv. We’ll send you some capacity tests and if those are positive, we’ll contact you as soon as we have lifted our hire freeze.

  • Graduates
  • Experienced profiles
  • Discover which job suits you best
  • Work on challenging missions in different companies
  • Improve your leadership skills with > 20 days of training
  • Your own Talent Development Manager 
  • Start as of September 2020



Jump right in!

There are top talents who have a slightly more adventurous spirit than others. People who want to challenge themselves a bit more. Top specialists in economics or business, who want to grow faster as a leader. Do you recognise that impatience? Then this traineeship is for you. Because here, you immediately go for impact. You discover yourself, project by project, at a variety of top-notch companies. By experimenting with your talent, you develop your personal leadership skills, and you learn what you really want to do. It lays the foundation for your future career.

26 months of discovery

Discover and develop your unique talents - and learn how to create an impact with them.

Create impact at top-notch companies

Get exposure to various organisations and cultures and learn which job suits you best.

A unique group feeling

Let our coaches and other ORMIT'ers inspire you, and help you grow as a leader.

The program in brief


A top team behind your talent

  • Outdoor kick-off Your traineeship starts with an outdoor adventure that gives you enough fuel for the next two years. You know exactly where you stand.
  • Year 1: Focus on yourself Throughout your projects and training courses, we search for the answer to the question: ‘Who am I?’. You get to know yourself and your talents - inside and out.
  • Year 2: Generate impact In the second year, we focus on collaboration and your impact on others. With targeted feedback, out-of-the-box training, and on-the-job support, you grow every day.
  • Your next dream job You now know what energises you and where your strengths lie. With everything you have discovered, together we map out a path to your next job.

Impact. Immediate.

In this traineeship, you leap from assignment to assignment. With each of our partners - all of them top-notch companies - you get a clear challenge, and you immediately realise impactful projects. Welcome to the best version of yourself! The lessons you learn here will last a lifetime.

An example: today you start as Project Coordinator at the STIB-MIVB. Your next stop after six months: Business analyst at GlaxoSmithKline. And the following year, you are the Team Lead of Operations at AlphaCard.

This is, of course, only one example. We work together with no less than 84 companies - so we can always choose the assignment that best suits your development.

Leap forward with an open mind

Ready to step into the unknown? We choose the projects that take you out of your comfort zone the most. They may not be the easiest programs, nor the ones in which you excel at from the start, but we’ll make sure that you learn the most from them. With intensive training and coaching, we help you to develop and use your strengths to the fullest. You will rely on the guts to jump and your openness to feedback – two qualities of true leaders.

"Surround yourself with ORMIT, a partner whose goal is to reach yours".

By Thimothée Remy

MCP Trainee

Next stop: a job that really suits you

After 26 months on different projects, you know precisely what you want and what energises you. With these insights in mind, we outline a path to your next dream job.

Many ORMIT'ers start their careers in one of the organisations where they have previously led a project. Alternatively, who knows, you might choose to do something entirely different. No matter what: you will thrive in your next job.

Can’t wait?

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Are we a match?

  • You have a master degree
  • You are able to dive in different roles and domains
  • You can't wait to leave your mark on an organisation
  • You are keen on developing yourself
  • Tu parles Français, English and Dutch

What's next?

  • Send us your cv to showcase your leadership potential.
  • Answer some questions by video and complete some tests.
  • Time for a real conversation. We welcome you for an interview.
  • Next is the final assessment.
  • Just a short contract review and… Off you go! Safe travels.
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