Payments & Cash Management Traineeship

  • Graduates
  • Experienced profiles
  • BNP Paribas Group
  • 18 months
  • Brussels
  • Dive in the world of Payments & Cash Management
  • Take on various missions and discover which role suits you best
  • Strengthen your leadership skills with > 20 days of training
  • Your own dedicated Talent Development Manager
  • Apply now and start in September

Ready to make the world go round?

Payments are the blood of our economy. Everybody knows. Especially at BNP Paribas Group. Where they make corporate cash flows and daily payments worth billions in every currency seem so easy. But is it? There is a complex and fascinating world behind all these transactions. It’s called Payments & Cash Management. And they’re looking for young talent like you to join them right here in Brussels. To face the challenges of new technologies, players, regulations and changing customer demands.

A global impact (to get really excited about)

BNP Paribas is a global market leader in Payments & Cash Management. These activities are centralized in its Brussels and Paris offices, as the expert hubs and key competence centers. Where decisions are made with an international impact. Where they operate “as a company in a company” with a strong family feel.

A journey to the real you (the one and only)

Yep, a journey. Where you discover what you’re really good at while developing your full potential. With ORMIT as your loyal travel companion. Your sherpa and guide. Disguised as coaches, mentors, trainers and talent development managers. Safe travels!

Your future in three steps

First, you go on several missions to get to know yourself and the world of Payments & Cash Management. That’s the traineeship. So you’ll know what makes you tick. After your traineeship, you take on a fixed role in product, marketing, process or project management. And in the long term? Anything goes.

Discover the world of Payments & Cash Management in three hellos

  • Hello BNP Paribas Group Before creating impact at BNP Paribas Group, you need to get up to speed with Payments & Cash (not Johnny). By taking on several roles and missions throughout your traineeship. Facing clients, taking on IT projects and learning operations end-to-end. The best way to discover what you’re really good at and in what role you want to end up in
  • Hello you The road to personal greatness is long and winding. But as you go along, you’ll overcome each hurdle. Thanks to ORMIT as your sherpa. With a talent development manager and 20+ days of training and coaching. On team dynamics, corporate politics, influencing, change management, story-telling, self-insight, situational leadership and so much more. All words today, all skills tomorrow.
  • Hello future By the end of the traineeship, you’ll know all there is to know about Payments & Cash Management, BNP Paribas Group and yourself. You will land in a role as product, project or process manager. Or as a product marketing manager or product owner if you like. The end of the line? Not necessarily. You will be part of our talent pipeline. So who knows what happens after a few years? The ball is in your park.

What product person am I? You tell us.

Are you a product manager, owner or marketeer? Here’s in short how we see the roles that you can end up in. The circle of (product) life.

  • Product Management determines what the product should do (vision), cost (pricing) and deliver (profitability). But also who needs to be involved to get it all done (stakeholders).
  • Like the Product Owners for example. They turn ideas into the best possible products and features. And keep them that way. In that, they also work closely with IT.
  • Product Marketing launches the product (go-to-market), creates the messages (communication) and spots new opportunities (research).
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What’s your Payments & Cash Management story?

“What is it you do at the bank?” The baker is looking at you with questioning eyes. Nobody behind you in the line, what do you do? A: You say you work in headquarters and hope he asks no more. B: You give a long, technical explanation and hope he asks no more. C: You try to explain as clearly as Wim in the article below and hope the baker asks for more.

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Do you have what it takes?  

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Here’s what we see in you!

  • You have a master’s degree.
  • And 0-3 years work experience.
  • You are fluent in English and French.You have a basic knowledge of Dutch.
  • Your favorite buzzwords: technology, strategy and customers.
  • You love to turn complexity into simplicity.
  • You connect, talk, discuss and consent with everyone.
  • The intersection of business and IT

Here’s what we like you to do next!

  • Send us your cv to showcase your potential.
  • Complete some tests.
  • We give you a call to go over your cv and get to know you a little better.
  • We invite you to an interview and assessment. So you can show us what you got.
  • Just a short contract review and… Off you go! Safe travels.
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