Transformer Traineeship

  • New
  • Graduates
  • Experienced profiles
  • 2 years
  • Belgium
  • Help drive digital transformation in a leading fin company
  • Become an agent of change in the IT department
  • Enjoy plenty of training during your 24-month program
  • Improve and use your leadership skills with ORMIT as your guide
  • Up your change game with training and coaching from DigitalScaler

How about

… shaking things up at a 50-year-old market leader at the heart of the financial world? Who’s good for 733 trillion financial transactions a year. Settling and securing bonds, equities and investments funds in over 90 countries. Supporting large financial institutions and stock markets. That’s what we call big business.

Thrilling, right? Good! Then hit the apply button and help Euroclear grow, geo-expand and market faster. Join their IT department and infuse five decades of dazzling market expertise with your love for technology and doing things differently.


Go on a journey to the real you with a unique combo of ORMIT and DigitalScaler guides. With 50+ (fifty!) days of training and coaching. On soft, human and leadership skills. On digital transformation, business agility and customer centricity.


Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to code or build new systems. But we will ask you to take on various assignments within the IT department. As a change agent, scrum master, agile coach or people consultant. Just to name a few.


Okay, so change might not happen overnight. That doesn’t mean change is not happening. On the contrary! We’re looking at you to set the example and drive change, one step at the time. And we’ve got just the coaching and training for you to make it all happen.

What you’ll do

During the 24-month program you will explore the Euroclear IT department and discover which part suits you best. By taking on 3 to 4 different roles and assignments with end-to-end responsibility and impact across the entire organisation.

The IT department is representing 25% of the employees  so there are plenty of assignments and departments where you can work in. Here are some possibilities:

  • Continue and boost the agile transformation within IT.
  • Support money transfer modernisation projects.
  • Contribute to projects that enhance reporting, monitoring and customer onboarding.
  • Help map our IT talents and needs. And see if we have the right skills and expertise to grow.
  • Lead and participate to guilds and share knowledge.
  • Facilitate cross-divisional communication and collaboration.
  • Work on cross-divisions initiatives and projects.
  • ...

Where you’ll end up

Along the way, you will regularly check in with your coaches. To discuss how you are doing, what you learned and what next steps to take in your career path. So you can land in a role that really suits you. From change agent, IT expert or a leadership role just to name a few. Opportunities are plenty.

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What you’ll love about Euroclear


What you’ll love about ORMIT


What you’ll love about DigitalScaler


Can’t wait?

Apply now!

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You’re a perfect match!

  • You have a master degree
  • With max 3 years of experience
  • You are tech - digital - IT savvy
  • You love changing things around
  • And are patient when getting other people on board
  • You are fluent in English (C1).

What else?

  1. You dare to speak up and be heard.
  2. Your enthusiasm makes it easy for people to trust you.
  3. You easily look at things from a different angle.
  4. And inspire those around you to do the same.
  5. You go for results, but rarely in the same way as before.
  6. You always put the customer first.
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What's next?

  • Send us your cv to showcase your potential.
  • Complete some tests.
  • Time for a real conversation. We welcome you for an interview.
  • Next is the final assessment.
  • Just a short contract review and… Off you go! Safe travels.

Agile: more than a buzz

Change and innovation happens faster in an agile environment. With short cycles of feedback and faster delivery. That’s what Euroclear is currently transitioning to a world where squads of people with different areas of expertise work together on projects. Setting their own goals and how to achieve them.


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