Our story. And therefore also yours.

So let’s write it together

We believe in talent. We bet you’ve heard that one before. But to us, it’s our reason for being. The opening sentence of our life story. And quite frankly, it’s yours too.


Once upon a time

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  • It all started back in the nineties. Good ideas sometimes come from places we would not immediately expect. This was true of the ORMIT concept, which was conceived of on a golf course, somewhere between the eighteenth and nineteenth hole.
  • The quest for young leaders Some successful companies were playing a round together and discussing how difficult it was to find and keep talent with leadership skills. Young talents often lack practical experience and are unaware of own capabilities and where to head in their career. They all came across plenty of trainees who, after costly internal training, were never seen again. Result...lost investment, lost talent. By the time they came to the eighteenth hole they had an idea for a new concept.
  • The birth of a new concept So, what if these talents would get the chance to shine? To gain field experience in various organisations. To discover what it really is they are good at and want to do in their professional life. And what if, at the same time, we would train and coach them? So they can turn their newly discovered potential into skills. And get ready to lead the future. So we did. A concept was born. The outline of your story.
  • 25 years in business Almost 25 years later, we have developed different services but remain faithful to our roots. Finding young talents, developing them into young leaders and connecting them to our partner organisations is still our core.

ORMIT specialises in developing future leaders through traineeships.

We attract young talents, develop them into young leaders and connect them with partnering organisations in order to strengthen both in the long run.

To talents we say…

At the start of your career or already some experience? How about booking a journey with the real you as your destination? With challenging projects at top organisations. In jobs that have a real impact on the future. And all this time with intensive training and coaching from expert guides.

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To companies we say…

Talent is the new gold. It’s as simple as that. If you want your organisation to head for a bright future, you’ll need to attract, nurture and keep the right talents. Young wolves who dare to grow, connect, take charge and innovate. That’s when you call us.

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