Barbara, nice to meet you!

My goal for the future is to become a successful (HR) professional who is able to balance an interesting career with enjoying life to the fullest. As a hard working individual with team spirit, perseverance and high hopes, I wish to bring added value to the enterprises where I execute my projects, while gaining professional experience and achieve personal growth at the same time.

  • Human Resources - Emphatic - Efficiency - Autonomy

What are you doing to stay busy during this quarantine? 

Through a volunteering project, I write postcards for people who tend to get lonely (it's something small that can really be of value for people). I volunteer to go to the pharmacy for people who cannot go and I'm doing grocery shopping and mealprepping for my own family and friends.

What were your responsibilities at Asco?

As a training coordinator, I was responsible for managing, coordinating and evaluating the training process and being in charge of the introduction of new operators & employees. I was also responsible for the applications of subsidies and premiums. We relaunched the training process from scratch after a cyber attack.