Talent is the new gold. We help you dig.

Looking to fill your talent pipeline? Embarking on a project that will change your future? Finding the right talents is not all that easy these days. That’s where we come in. And all the while you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

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Tomorrow starts today

We find'em

Expect only the best talents - Only 4% pass our selection process. That’s how you know you get the best talents of every new generation. Young wolves who dare to grow, connect, take charge and innovate.

We shape'em

Unleash their full potential - While young talents go for results in your company, we make sure they unleash their full potential. With intensive training and coaching. By us. So no burden for you.

You keep'em

Choose for your future - You win, also long term. Young talents are future leaders who infuse our expertise into your organisation. And no less than 90% stay after the traineeship.

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Louis & Stefano talk ORMIT

NEW: The Digitizer Program. Make your digital transformation successful through expertise & digital talent

An all-in-one digital approach for companywide transformations providing in-depth expertise from DigitalScaler and young talent developed by ORMIT.

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Say no more !

We can go on and on. That’s how passionate we are. But how about we talk about you first? We’d be more than happy to drop by.

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I am very convinced about the added value of ORMIT for the recruitment, selection and development of our future leaders. We consider them as a strategic partner!

By Marc Van Hove

HR Director Senior Management & Talent pools @BNP Paribas Fortis

So, what are my options?

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  • Tap into our talent pool Looking for young wolves to boost your project? We have a pool of talents ready to work on challenging projects in your company. Selected and coached by us to reach their full potential.
  • Tailored to your needs Looking for specific profiles destined for a specific future?
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Our main focus? You. And the young talent.

Of course we want your projects to go well and your organisation to be successful. And our young talents will make that happen and help build your future. But we also want to further polish these rough diamonds. People in their twenties with their minds set on learning, growing and leading. Who want to leave their mark on your organization and people, and develop their skills at the same time. So please don’t ask us which of you is more important. Both go hand in hand.

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What's in it for you? Peace of mind.

  • Expect the best young talents for your needs. And only the best.
  • Training and coaching? Just leave it all up to us.
  • Give your company a boost with future leaders and our 20 years of expertise.

What’s in it for the young talents?

  • Real impact at a great organisation
  • A fast learning curve with monthly trainings and intense coaching
  • A strong focus on personal leadership and interpersonal skills
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