Jan, nice to meet you!

I'm a team-player who likes to interact with team members and tries to involve the entire team in the project. My eagerness to learn enables me to be open to feedback as it can only help me grow as an individual. Thanks to my analytical skills and high level of determination I love to take on a challenge.

  • Eager to learn - Analytical - Competitive - Dynamic

What are you doing to stay busy during quarantine?

Plenty of different things. On the one hand I'm helping out with the distribution of food in Antwerp as a volunteer. Besides this I'm using this 'opportunity' to follow several webinars (growth marketing, fundamental analysis and the low touch economy to name a few) and I enrolled in an online course on the programming language Python. Finally I'm also trying to read one non-fiction book a week.

In the corporate Health Responsibility Committee,

We want to stimulate a balanced lifestyle among all ORMIT talents by focusing on nutrition, physical activity and well-being balance. We aim to encourage this lifestyle in a fun and relaxed way and with a various range of activities in order to satisfy the needs of all our talents. Among other things, I organised a healthy cooking workshop and a windsurf initiation.