Jeremy, nice to meet you!

I am a pragmatic professional with a strong analytical mindset, an eye for detail while staying focused on the overall objective. I demonstrated in my previous experiences the ability to learn quickly and to tackle complex projects in unknown environments. As a teamplayer, I make sure that everyone in my team feels involved, informed and aligned to the objective.

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  • Data Analytics - Dashboarding - Python - Collaborative

What did you do as a Data Analyst at Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance?

My job was to code a car pricing model used to automate the pricing of the cars. Next to that, I was also responsible for development of dashboards – saving my managers hours of analysing and reporting.

Where did you make the biggest difference?

I made the biggest difference in the user adoption rate of the new tools. As I collaborated a lot with the main users of these new tools, I could easily create added value for them, saving them time and money.