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HR investment group Pyramid acquires stake in ORMIT

HR investment group Pyramid has acquired a majority interest in ORMIT

ORMIT, De Bilt

03 October

As from 1 October, ORMIT, specialist in traineeships, has a new shareholder. Previously, the ORMIT shares were controlled by Bolster Investment Partners, TIIN Capital and the ORMIT management team. The management team has once again invested in 25% of the shares, while the new shareholder Pyramid NV has acquired a 75% stake.

'ORMIT's external shareholders wanted to sell their shares after 8 successful years,' says Hetty van Ee, ORMIT Group's managing director. 'This prompted us to look for a new shareholder who shared our vision, values and growth ambitions. In recent years, we at ORMIT have increasingly arranged and carried out unique traineeships for fine organisations in the Netherlands as well as Belgium. Thanks to our appeal on the labour market, we offer our clients access to top national and international talent. We want to continue to expand, so we were looking for an organisation that wanted to support that. In the end we chose Pyramid NV, the HR investment group led by 3D Investments and Bert Pauwels.'


'3D Investments is a Belgian investment company that invests in businesses with a strong growth potential. At 3D Investments, the focus is always on the long term and transparent business operations. Bert Pauwels is the founder and managing director of Pauwels Consulting, a Belgian consultancy firm with over 520 consultants in the fields of engineering, life sciences and IT. Both organisations showed a strong and sincere interest in the ORMIT story from the start. We are excited about this new collaboration,' says Hans Swinnen, chairman of the Pyramid NV executive board and a partner at 3D Investments.


'The services offered by ORMIT and Pauwels Consulting are perfectly complementary,' says Bert Pauwels, founder and managing director of Pauwels Consulting. 'ORMIT identifies young top talent and develops their soft skills and leadership qualities in an intensive, two-year growth trajectory involving various projects with different clients. Next, they match their high-potentials to the clients that best suit them and that they can offer the most added value.


At Pauwels Consulting, we focus primarily on project sourcing and HR solutions such as business process outsourcing for companies looking for specific engineering, life sciences or IT knowledge and skills. We also consciously invest in the training and coaching of our people. We can certainly learn from the ORMIT professionals how to optimise this coaching further.'


'With this transfer of shares we can continue to let ORMIT grow as an independent company, with the present enthusiastic individuals and on the basis of the values that are important to us,' says Hetty van Ee. 'We will continue to find, develop and connect top talent on behalf of our associates and look forward to realising our plans for additional growth with the help of Pyramid NV!'


If have any questions about this collaboration, please contact:

-        Hetty van Ee, managing director of ORMIT Group

-        Hans Swinnen, chairman of the Pyramid NV executive board and a partner at 3D Investments

-        Bert Pauwels, managing director of Pauwels Consulting