ORMIT live info sessions

This time of the year usually is job fair time. We were really hoping to meet you at the job fair of your school, but the universe (read: Covid-19) decided differently. In case you were hoping to meet us as well… We got you!



We’re going live to tell you all about ORMIT: learn more about our traineeships, the type of trainings we give our trainees, what exactly your personal coach (aka Talent Development Manager) will be doing, but we’ll also let you know how our selection process works and how you can give it your best.



Every Tuesday or Friday for the upcoming two weeks during lunch time! Half an hour each session, time for answering all your questions included.

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ORMIT live sessions

What can you expect the following weeks?

What's on the agenda?

  • Friday 03/04  12.30-13.00 
    ORMIT traineeships explained by trainees 
  • Tuesday 7/04 12.30-13.00
    ORMIT recruitment process with Recruitment Project Manager Ann
  • Friday 17/04 12.30-13.00 
    ORMIT personal coaching with Talent Development Manager Luc  
  • Tuesday 21/04 12.30-13.00 
     ORMIT trainings with Talent Development Manager Yannick 

How can I join?

  • On the day of the live sessions you can participate via the following link: https://zoom.us/j/7481162764
  • Double check all your tech before starting (headphones and mic)
  • Let's have some fun!