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Why ORMIT is like a trip around the world


By Catherine Brems

Head of Recruitment. Started at ORMIT as Multicompany Management Trainee.

You’ve just graduated—or you’re about to. But what’s next? The big companies are camping on your doorstep. They have traineeships, young talent programmes and other challenges ready for you. They want you to help build their dream. But what about your dream?

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What about your dream?

Maybe you want to start by heading to Nepal and climbing Mount Everest. Or visiting the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. Or spotting orangutans in Indonesia. You want adventure, and to grow as a person. And the best way to do that is by travelling the world. Right? Well I disagree.

I had the same questions when I graduated more than 7 years ago. I studied Commercial Engineering and there were opportunities abound. So many companies, so many sectors and so many roles. So I decided to work for ORMIT in the Multicompany Management Traineeship and gave myself some time to discover all these different things. And you know what, I have never regretted my decision!


"A traineeship at ORMIT is just as challenging and adventurous as a trip around the world. You’ll try, discover and learn to take goal-oriented steps outside your comfort zone."

Experiencing and learning more about who you are

You’ll try your hand at different roles and work on a variety of projects. You’ll discover and develop your talent—and the leader in you. After your two-year expedition, you’ll have a much better idea about what you are good at and what it is you want to do in your professional life. And how to create the most impact with your talent. Personally, I learned to communicate much more assertively. And to express my opinion more quickly, even if it means temporarily disrupting the peace.

A traineeship at ORMIT, is not just another traineeship. It is a trip for those of you who want to draw more out of themselves to create a genuine impact. You’ll come to insights that you would otherwise take years to reach. I now know, for example, that I need a great deal of affirmation. And I have also learned how I can give this to myself.

What’s your next step after completing your traineeship? A job that you will love! During this adventurous journey, you’ll fill your backpack with insights that will form a strong foundation for the rest of your career. You’ll build a network of like-minded ORMIT’ers who are just as enthusiastic as you about leading and changing the business world. Our team of coaches will be ready for you with advice and feedback at all times. Don’t worry: even after your traineeship, we will encourage you to continue investing in your personal growth. This is the only way you’ll be a strong leader.

Do I sound a little too convinced? That’s because I am.  And thanks to my own journey at ORMIT, I’m now in a role and a company that truly fits me and where I can really add value. And I wish the same for you.