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What’s your Payments & Cash Management story?

By Wim Grosemans of BNP Paribas Group

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By Wim Grosemans

Global Head of Product Management

“Cashflows and payments are the blood that runs through the veins of the economy. But let’s face it, handling them is often perceived as a pain for big companies and organisations. Mainly because of the many daily in-and-out transactions. Treasurers want to manage them in a decent and efficient way. And that’s where we come in.”

What do you mean by decent?

“By decent we mean that you need enough cash on your account. Enough, but not too much because that doesn’t pay. So as a treasurer you want to receive your incoming payments as soon as possible and pay your outgoing payments as late as possible .”

“Handling transactions can’t take up too much time either. Clients are more and more demanding. Spoiled and inspired by all these apps that make their daily lives so much easier. They prefer simple and affordable which makes our jobs so fascinating.”

Simple? It sounds quite complex ...

“Behind the simplicity of all our cash and payment tools lies a complex world. With new and constantly changing guidelines. With fintech players and products mushrooming. With technologies evolving at the speed of sound. Challenging, but perfect. To develop yourself in one specific direction or explore many different directions as your career develops.”

“We keep a lot of balls in the air. That’s why this traineeship has various missions and roles. From getting to know the customer and their behaviour, thinking of new projects that fit their needs to aligning with IT and operations to get these products implemented or improved . That means you’re at the intersection between business and IT. Working in an agile environment to increase our speed to market. Yes, agile, that’s scrums and tribes and squads.”

Right up your alley?

Do you want to play major league in a team of true global leaders in Payments & Cash Management?

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“BNP Paribas Group chose the agile way of working. To scope, design, develop and market products faster. With multidisciplinary Squads and Tribes who carry end-to-end responsibility. Where ideas are more important than hierarchy.“

By Wim Grosemans

Global Head of Product Management - Payments & Receivables - Cash Management at BNP Paribas