Thrilled to explore the power of talent

Edward is a Business Director with big challenges ahead. Rosalie is a young professional. They find each other at ORMIT. We match the needs of Edward with those of Rosalie. He needs an energetic change maker. She wants to make impact and reach her full potential. We bring those two worlds together. That’s what drives us, for 25 years and counting. Enjoy Talent!


Our answer to the search for talent

The ORMIT’er is result-oriented and driven by personal development. For young professionals, ORMIT is the best start of their career. For organizations, it’s the proven solution to finding, developing and binding talent that makes a difference. Want to know what the benefits of partnering up with ORMIT are? This is what our customers say:

Speed up change

Daniel Marrara Bertholdo, Global Deployment Manager at Philips: “Having the future of Philips in mind, we want to attract talent and bind them. It’s amazing to see how driven these young talents are. They bring new energy into our organization, which is currently undergoing big changes.”

Get access to a different kind of talent

Herman Wories, Vice President Global Business Incubator DSM: “ORMIT provides DSM with a new kind of talent that we ourselves cannot find. Those professionals are of big value, it keeps the organization agile.”

Become more appealing to the labor market

Patrick Franken, team manager at PWN water utility Northern Holland: “ORMIT’ers act as a catalyst for internal change of the organization. It’s amazing to guide young people in their development and enthuse them about our organization. It’s effective, too: our first ORMIT’er is now an employed by PWN!”

Durable connection

Robert Lourens, Head of DFC Robotics & Orchestration and Outsourcing at ABN AMRO. “The young professionals at ORMIT are driven, ambitious and smart. Most of them are now employed by ABN AMRO.”

Investing rather than hiring

Véronique Klaassen, director funeral arrangements at DELA: “Pulling young top talent out of the market, supporting and coaching them to reach their full potential. We don’t have those skills ourselves, but ORMIT does.”

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